How it works.

ClickCreate features monthly guest curators who choose a theme and artists to create limited editions that are dropped weekly.
The collection features a Subscription Pass and tiered pricing. Subscription Pass Collectors (SubPass) have a 24 hour window to collect each weeks art drop and includes other benefits like discounted prices, and access to useful tools like PrePay.

Each week's supply is set by the curator and team and whatever isn't collected during the 24 hour SubPass window is then available to the public for another 24 hours.

Curators feature influential and active participants of the digital art community that selects artists to create a unique piece of art for the ClickCreate Collection.
The beauty of this system is that each month, our community gains exposure to a whole new version of the digital art space from known and respected individuals whose unique perspectives and relationships keep the ClickCreate Collection fresh.

The discovery process makes collecting art fun.

Here for the art.

Art deserves to be shared with the world, so we do everything we can to highlight it.
We've dedicated ourselves to cultivating a diverse and active community of art lovers by making the artist and their art the priority. We believe that the more you can understand about an artist and their process, the more you can connect with their art.

Every week, our media team highlights each artist with hyped, short form art reveals and vibey spotlight interviews that delve into what inspires them to create.

Without community, we wouldn't be here. Our social team highlights not only each weeks art drop, but our community members through daily art shares, support with giveaways, and fun and engaging art threads.

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But the heartbeat of our community is on Discord, where you can vibe with our diverse community, find the most up to date info, and tune in to tutorials and art talks with our past artists.

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Here for the art.
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Our Mission

To provide a platform to onboard and assist new digital art collectors in acquiring premium art by the best artists at affordable prices.

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