Who We Are

At our core, we are digital art lovers who believe we are currently living in a digital renaissance. Our goal is to help educate and onboard collectors who desire to collect the best digital art by the best digital artists.


Norcal is an experienced collector who is well known for his ability to identify and collect talented artists before they are well known to the masses. Norcal is currently the host of two dedicated NFT podcasts (NorCalandShill and NorCalandKlutch). He is also a member of the NFT organizations TungstenDAO and The Met Fund. In his spare time he is a family man, biscuit maker, and enjoys making his own art on his own contracts or via his art project ClickMintPass.

Klutch is an experienced web2 founder with over 1 million satisfied customers and over $500 million worth of retail sales under his belt. Klutch currently considers himself to be a dollar cost averaging investor in NFT’s and has been collecting since the summer of 2021. Klutch is a cohost of the NorCalandKlutch podcast and a member of the TungstenDAO NFT Collective.  


Perpetual_cgi is the brand of a professional engineer with talent and vision in the art and animation fields. He designed sculptures and installations that are being showcased in various museums and galleries around the globe. He entered the NFT space back in early 2021, many of his animated NFTs are in the hands of well known collectors. He is the community manager of ClickCreate.

Jordan celebrates the wild beauty of nature by creating one-of-a-kind works of art that bend the mind and touch the soul. Jordan is the Digital Media Director at ClickCreate. 

David is a creative director who made the leap to entrepreneur, founding the company New Light Visuals. Specialising in video production, motion design and photography combined with digital marketing strategy. The ocean is his muse for creating digital art. Davis is the Digital Media Manager at ClickCreate.

Melissa is a former professional poker player turned Web3 Maxi. She has experience helping many well known projects in the space to grow and achieve their goals including the Nuclear Nerds and the Claire Silver project Accelerate Art. Melissa’s expertise is in growing community and social followings and she has already provided a huge boost of energy for the entire team as our Growth Strategist at ClickCreate.