The Curators & Artists

The team over at Transient Labs are stepping in to curate the month of April for ClickCreate. This innovative team led by Ben Strauss, Marco Peyfuss, and Chris Ostoich are gathering their vast resources to recruit what is bound to be an epic month of art and perhaps some innovation? We are not exactly sure what they have planned yet for their drop but we do know of their excellent reputation and the high quality of their work and believe this could be one for the ages. To learn more about Transient Labs and their custom smart contract solutions, you can visit their website here

Coldie is an OG crypto artist that got started in 2017. He is known for his stereoscopic 3D art and considers himself a long time degenerate at collecting digital art. Coldie’s artwork features many legendary pieces on superrare and he has been collected by pretty much every major collector in the space. There are very few people in NFT’s who have been around as long as Coldie and as such we consider him potentially one of the finest curators and artists in the space.  Coldie plans on curating a transcendent month in May and potentially dropping his own piece for ClickCreate.  To dive into Coldie’s extensive works, his linktree can be found here.

Dave Krugman is a professional photographer and founder of  He is often thought of as one of the premier community builders in the NFT space.  When he is not building his business, he is often out working on expanding his well respected collections including Drip Drop, Drive, Artifex and his amazing 1/1’s . Dave plans on curating a photography month in June for ClickCreate and possibly dropping a piece of his own. 

Cath Simard is a composite photographer that has had her work featured in National Geographic and auctioned off at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, AOTM, and on Superrare.  When she is not editing at home in Canada, she is often found exploring mountain ranges all over the world. Her style is unique and instantly recognizable. To learn more about Cath, you can visit her website or find her vast collections on her linktree.  Cath plans to curate November for ClickCreate with a month focused on collabs and she plans to possibly drop a collaborative piece herself. 

Grant Yun is one of the fastest rising stars in the NFT space. When he is not creating works in his now famous neo-precisionism style, he can be found attending medical school or breakdancing in world championships. Is there anything this guy can’t do? We don’t think so and that is why we asked Grant to curate a months worth of art for ClickCreate and he graciously accepted. Grant plans on curating the month of July for ClickCreate. To learn more about Grant and find links to all of his works, you can visit his website here

Patrick is a high frequency glitch artist often dubbed in the space as the “Glitch God.” Patrick’s works can be found on SuperRare where he has been collected by many of the top collectors in the NFT fine art space including Anonymoux, BatSoupYum, RadioSolace, ProteinProsecco, and Artifaction. Patrick plans to curate a glitch art month for ClickCreate and he may drop a piece himself in September.

Killer Acid represents the psychedelic work of artist Rob Corradetti, who has been actively making art and creating products for over 25 years. Corradetti’s cartoon psychedelia drips with his signature tongue-in-cheek humor. Random, bright, and bizarre, the work draws the viewer in. Upon closer inspection, though, one finds the landscapes and headscapes are interwoven with personal meanings and artifacts of memories. To learn more about Killer Acid, you can visit his website at and all of his links to his various projects can be found here. Killer Acid plans on curating in October with a theme TBD.

Jenni creates in a new medium and era of art where creativity of machine and human unite as one; blending digital painting and AI. Jenni’s work can be found on Superrare, OBJKT, MakerPlace, Foundation, and many more places. She is a prolific and well respected artist helping lead the forefront of the AI art movement. The best place to find all of her projects is via her linktree. Jenni plans on curating and dropping a piece herself in an AI themed art month in August.


Our final curator spot will remain a mystery for now.

April Transient Labs Artists

Cem Hasimi is an award-winning integrated art director and designer. With over 10 years experience,

He has had the pleasure of working with great agencies and all sorts of clients from automotive FMCG, fashion, retail, and health. When he is not art directing and designing, he’s usually busy working on his character design, animation side projects and NFTs.

His collectors include Deeze, Comfy Devil, Sunday Funday, Cozomo de’ Medici, Chris Ostoich and Protein Prosecco. Cem has a unique and instantly recognizable style. “I am bone spit, muscle and artery, and a little bit of loop animation.” To learn more about Cem Hasimi, you can visit our artist spotlight here

ADHD (AKA Space Case) is a pseudonymous moniker used by US based multi disciplinary artist & musician Colin Frangicetto. While his analog mediums range from acrylic painting, photography, pen & ink, printmaking and more; he began making digitally native work as ADHD in 2021 and has quickly garnered a large & passionate collector base across multiple blockchains & platforms. The work focuses on the languages of digital abstract painting, post graffiti mark making and mixed-media collage work. Common themes found in the work are interpersonal communication, mental illness, neurodivergency, life as an artist, humanity’s relationship to technology (especially the internet) and time.

Ivona Tau, Ph.D. is a generative AI artist & AI researcher from Vilnius, Lithuania, who combines code, deep neural networks, and personal memories embedded in photography. Her goal is to find and evoke emotions through artificially intelligent tools. Tau’s work has been exhibited widely, including The House of Fine Art, Art Basel Miami Beach, SCOPE, CAFA, Frieze LA, Art Week Shenzhen, Vellum LA, Bitforms, Bright Moments Berlin, and Sotheby’s New York.

Uczine is a self described gif addict. They have been collected by PabloPunkasso, Rhynotic, theycallmeo, bfield317, and many more. They have an ATH sale of 10.01 Eth for overproduced variants of hell which was collected by xenOphOn. 

Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez is an artist and strategist, researching the relationships that span any combination of humans and machines, the spaces for reflection therein and the role of emotions. Failed part-time musician, interested in architecture, neuroscience and education among other things. He has a past in financial corporations, startups and whatnot. His artistic approach typically addresses the evolution of technology and its consequences with regards to our relationship to ourselves and a changing landscape as a result of said evolution. Probing into the what-ifs of translating and projecting the realities of our cognition / being into the machine territory, we might find new perspectives on our own minds, feelings and lives.

Marcelo is a generative artist perhaps best known for his Art Blocks Curated Series Entretiempos.  He has also produced an extensive amount of works that can be found on, fxhash, Versum, teia, and Kate Vass Gallery

March NorCal & Klutch Artists

Clement Morin is a motion graphic design artist from Normandy, France who is revered by many of his animator peers. He has created numerous animated works and been collected by some of the largest collectors in the space including Keyboard Monkey, BatSoupYum, the 6529 fund, Assassin7, and many more . His highest selling piece to date was Journey #1 – Chasing The Horizon which was collected by Defi_Brian for 27.5 eth. Clement will be dropping a piece in our inaugural month that is sure to be beautiful and breath taking. To learn more about Clement you can visit his website here or you can visit our artist spotlight here.

Jair Marino is a self-taught 3D artist from Argentina. He started to learn CGI from YouTube on September 2020 during the worst part of the pandemic. He designs futuristic storytelling animations to create bridges between generations and cultures. His highest selling piece thus far titled Human Memories was collected by 888 for 18.88 eth. Jair has also been collected by Mondoir, Kenshiro, JacqScripps, PaddyStash, KingofMidtown, AnestiDhima, and many more notables.  Jmarino is going to drop an animated piece during our month 1 launch. To learn more about Jair’s work or his available art, his artist spotlight can be found here or please visit

OffShoot3D, a.k.a. Jonathan Nash, is a 3D animator who likes to create miniature worlds and characters to tell stories. He is well known for creating perhaps one of the single best NFT works in all of 2021 with Life Of An NFT that was collected for 47 eth by the well respected collector Mondoir. Other notable collectors of OffShoot’s include NorcalGuy, VincentVanDough, KeyboardMonkey, PaddyStash, and Poopie the co-founder of Doodles. Jonathan is planning to drop a piece with us during our inaugural animation themes month. You can learn more about OffShoot3D here at our Artist Spotlight or you can visit his linktree here.  

Victor Duarte is a digital artist that likes telling stories through the lens of Sci-Fi.  Victor has been consistently growing his brand in NFT’s since early 2021 and is known for his storytelling sci-fi animations and illustrations that pose questions and concepts metaphorically. His current ATH was collected by Artifaction for 17 eth and is called Still Dreaming. Victor has also been collected by Klutch, Flashrekt, HChip, Paddy Stash, The Alchemist, Misan Harriman, and BatSoupYum amongst others. Victor plans to drop a piece with ClickCreate in month 1 and his idea for the piece is fire. To learn more about Victor and see his artwork you can visit our artist spotlight or visit his website or his linktree

Post Man, a.k.a. Matt Wells,  is a 3D visual artist from Portland, OR. He is our rising star drop for collectors of our first two releases from Clement and OffShoot3D. Post Mans style is self described as loser punk. He  loves to take lovable loser characters and immerse them in worlds where they are not normally seen. Post Man has  made lyric videos for the movie Spies in Disguise as well as animated segments for numerous other big projects including an Amazon pilot for Emmy Award winning director Hiro Murai (“Atlanta,” “Barry,” “This is America” music video) and for Paramount Pictures.  Most of his NFT work can be found on Foundation. Collectors of his work thus far include Klutch, PopWonder, and CosmoVault. If you would like to learn more about Post Man, you can visit his linktree or see our artist Spotlight video here

SubPass Artist

Elispri is a digital artist perhaps best known for his fun 3D meme art that he likes to drop in a very timely fashion to highlight the latest NFT news events. He has been collected by many prolific collectors including VincentVanDough, Artifaction, NorCalGuy, Jagged, ArtPleb and more. Elispri’s current ATH is 26.9 for Mother of Tungsten Eth and he is a member of the TungstenDAO. To learn more about Elispri, please visit our page about the artist here.