Clement Morin Artist Spotlight

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Facts About ClickCreate Genesis Artist Clement Morin

  • Has been collected by numerous well known collectors including Keyboard Monkey, BatSoupYum, the 6529 Fund, Assassin7, Klutch, LordFarquaad, Auregimon, bur0x, NoRadio, AC the Collector, and many more. 



  • Is from Normandy, France.


  • To see more of Clements work, his website can be found here


Q&A with the Artist Clement

Q: What is your style in your own words?

A: If think my style is what i am at the moment. I don't try to stick to something, and i don't really know how it will evolve over time. I just try to keep my mind as free as i can to express myself. On a more technical note, i like to take the 3d medium in places where people are not used to see it, by pushing boundaries of 3d render engines on unexpected fields, somewhere between 3d and 2d illustration. Many people ask me what medium has been used for my creations and i love that it's not so obvious for everybody.


Q: What inspires you to create?

A: Nature is the greatest inspiration for me. As i live in Normandy, i'm surrounded by trees and greenery. When i go to the studio by crossing the forest and countryside, i like to stop to take photos of clouds for my next piece, or simply note lighting and vegetation references. Another thing i can't create without is music. It guides me a lot in what i create, from the initial idea to the final grading. I listen to many styles, but mostly to movies OST, which can dramatically change my mood and the direction of the piece i work on!


Q: What goals do you have as a digital artist?

A: On one hand, my main goal is already reached, as since i was a kid my dream has always been to make art for a living, and i'm able to do it for 2 years now. I'm incredibly grateful for this and i do my best to keep it possible on the long run. Now i have hundreds of new stuff in my head i want to express through my art, i feel like i need to improve myself for each new piece, and there are so much artists i'd like to collaborate with, so it's just the beginning!


Q: What is coming up for you in the future? Do you have any big projects or releases coming up?

A: I have great stuff coming up in the next few months, in particular i recently started working on an awesome project which will take place in a famous place in Paris with a great visibility. Can't say more for now but i'm excited!


Q: What is the best alpha you can offer to our ClickCreate community based on your time in the space thus far?

A: My best advice would be : Don't listen too much people who gives you advices 🙂 Make your own path, don't follow blindly the trends, but also be aware of what the space is able to offer.


Q: If you were an animal what would you be and why?

A: A cat of course ! For me it's a symbol of independance and freedom, and both are essential for me to create in the best possible way.


Q: What were your goals when you made this piece for ClickCreate?

A: For this particular piece, i had in mind this shot from the horror movie 'Midsommar' which haunted me for a while... I wanted to create a visually striking and impactful composition with attention to color palette, while remaining as minimalistic as possible, to get an intimate and soothing mood. I also wanted to put forward the music, as for some months i've been doing a lot of scores for my pieces on my own and i spend more and more time on it.