A SubPass Exclusive App

What is the ClickCreate PrePay app?

Never miss a drop again!

ClickCreate PrePay is an exclusive app for SubPass collectors that provides a safe and gas efficient way to pre mint your ClickCreate art drops.

Prepay only checks for SubPass Tokens and requires one transaction for prepaid airdrop payment. No approvals are required!

How to use the
PrePay App

Choose Wallet

– Connect with a wallet (PrePay checks for SubPass without a transaction)

– By default, the wallet you connect to the PrePay App will be the one you are prepaying for. 

– However, you can input any other address with a SubPass and prepay on behalf of that wallet!  

This means you can connect with your hot wallet and pay for your vault (highly recommended!)

Select & Pre Pay

Select number of prepaid airdrops (you can pre pay for multiple future mints – limiting your gas fees to one transaction)

Note: PrePay App uses the max you are eligible for each week. 

 – Agree to Terms of Service <br>(PrePay purchases are Non-Refundable) and hit “PREPAY”

Collect your Art

Snapshots for PrePay wallets will be taken approx. 1 hour before each art drop.

– After each snapshot, the app updates your remaining PrePay mints

ClickCreate will airdrop the tokens right into your wallet within an hour of SubPass Phase*